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Shikha Jain MD FACP

Founder & CEO

Dr. Shikha Jain is a triple board-certified hematologist and oncologist, and a tenured Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago, where she continues to see oncology patients, and leads initiatives in Communication Strategies and Digital Innovation in Oncology at the University of Illinois Cancer Center. Dr. Jain is the visionary founder of the Women in Medicine® nonprofit and the CEO and founder of the Women in Medicine Summit™, initiatives dedicated to advancing the impact of women in healthcare through leadership, advocacy, and professional development. Her leadership has propelled the summit to become a pivotal event that addresses the challenges and celebrates the achievements of women in medicine.

A respected voice in the media, Dr. Jain regularly contributes to discussions on healthcare topics across major publications and news outlets. Her accolades include being named Illinois Physician Leader of the Year in 2024, one of Medscape's 25 Rising Stars in Medicine, and one of Modern Healthcare's Top 25 Emerging Leaders. She is also an accomplished author, with her book "An Evolution of Empowerment: Voices of Women in Medicine and Their Allies" delving into the challenges and triumphs faced by women in the medical profession.

Dr. Jain's influence extends to public health policy, serving on committees for the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM), sponsored by the Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS S&T), where she addresses critical issues of public health misinformation.

Deeply committed to mentoring the next generation of healthcare professionals, Dr. Jain advocates for systemic changes that enhance our healthcare systems. Her work not only supports individual women in medicine but also seeks broader societal impact through her strategic and inclusive approach.


  • Parul Barry MD
    Scientific Subcommittee Chair​

  • Mysa Abdelrah
    Scientific Subcommittee Student Lead​

  • Christina Brown MD
    Preconference/Volunteer Subcommittee Chair

  • Neelum Aggarwal MD
    Preconference/Volunteer Faculty Advisor​

  • Ariela Marshall MD
    Preconference/Volunteer Faculty Advisor​

  • Donya Derakshani

       Preconference/Volunteer Student Co-Lead

  • Sahani Ranasinghe
    Preconference/Volunteer Faculty Advisor Student Co-Lead

  • Charu Gupta MD
    Awards Subcommittee Chair​

  • Eve Bloomgarden MD
    Mentorship Subcommittee Chair​


  • Neha Pidatala MBBS
    Social Media Subcommittee Chair​




  • Vineet Arora MD MAPP

  • Arghavan Salles MD PhD

  • Kimberly Manning MD

  • Eve Bloomgarden MD​


Parul Barry MD

Mysa Abdelrah

Michelle Fernando

Afshan Mumtaz

Akshra Verma

Rakhee Bhayani MD

Neelum Aggarwal MD

Johanna Balas MD

Susan Pories MD

Laura Zimmerman MD

Christi Brown MD

Edzel Co

Anna Volerman MD

Arunima Duta MD

Deborah (Dee Dee) Rupert

Denise Lo

Lekshmi Santhosh MD

May Aljurany

Tiffany Leung MD

Ashley Vavra MD

Jessica Ruff

Shiva Barforoshi

Vidya Sundareshan MD

Yun Rose Li MD

Nutan Vaidya

Aparna Singhal

Nihushi Bhardwaj

Sarahgene Gillianne Defoe

Claire Pearson

Vinita Sharma

Rajani Rangray

Vidya Raman


Christi Brown MD

Neelum Aggarwal MD

Ariela Marshall MD

Donya Derakshani

Sahani Ranasinghe

Ani Gangopadhyaya MD

Akila Ally

Sandra Gad

Sarah Bhagudas

Chaitali Nath

Rakhee Bhayani MD

Michelle Fernando

Rosalinda Alvarado MD

Jessica Myers Allan MD

Ami Shah MD

Julia Files MD

Mildred Olivier MD

Shana Ross

Molly Kraus MD


Charu Gupta MD

Sandra Gad

Chaitali Nath

Afshan Mumtaz

Asha Shenoi

Julie Oyler MD

Karen J. Ho MD

Priya Kumthekar MD

Tina Sundaram MD

Aparna Singhai MD

Christine Bestvina MD

Alice Gallo de Moraes MD


Neha Pidatala

Sandra Gad

Afshan Mumtaz

Sara Beltran Ponce

Rakhee Bhyani MD

Joanna Miragaya

Ami Shah

Laura Zimmerman

Sarah Tugender

Christi Brown

Michelle Fernando

Edzel Co

Olivia R. Negris

Anila Bindal

Vineet Arora MD

Annabelle Volgman MD

Genesis A. Hernandez-Vizcarrondo

Jennifer Swanson

Pranvera Sulejmani

Swati Deshmukh

Chinara Wyke

Eve Bloomgarden MD


Eve Bloomgarden MD

Anila Bindal MD

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