Do you know someone who exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, resilience, leadership, and/or allyship? Nominate them for the #IStandWithHer awards!


Awards will be given for each of the following categories:

·         #Resilience (Individual who has overcome barriers). Recognizes someone who has to face significant hurdles and has persisted. This award is meant to honor strength, grit, tenacity, and grace in the setting of difficult circumstances.

·         #SheforShe(Woman who has championed women). Recognizes women who have made significant contributions to improve the careers of fellow women physicians. This award is meant to honor women who lift each other up and breakdown barriers for other women.

·         #HeforShe #XeforShe (Man/ non binary individual who has championed women). Recognizes men/ non binary individuals who have made significant contributions to improve the careers of women physicians. This award is meant to honor men /non binary individuals who recognize and fight to correct gender disparity.


Nomination Process:

The Awards Committee requests that the following items be submitted:

1.            Letter of Nomination detailing the contributions of the individual to women within medicine. This may be written by the Nominee or someone upon his or her behalf.

2.            Candidate’s current CV

3.            Additional letters of support (up to two) may be submitted as collateral information.

Submission details may be found HERE [**add link to website**]


All nomination packets must be received by Friday July 31, 2020.


Award recipients will be recognized in the International Journal of Academic Medicine. Use the button below or go to


2019 Winner and Honorable Mentions


Winner: Dara Kass, MD

Honorable Mention: Deborah Burnet, MD, Nancy Spector, MD, Jessica Servey, MD, Vineet Arora, MD, Arghavan Salles, MD.


Winner: Arthur Pancioli, MD

Honorable Mention: Kim A. Williams, MD, Elbert Huang, MD, James Ryan Stewart, DO.


Winner: Colette Mull, MD

Honorable Mention: Maria Artunduaga, MD, Julia Baird, MD, Sarah Diekman, MD.


Abstract Categories include:


  • COVID -19

  • Social/Behavioral Science Research

  • Gender Specific Medicine 

  • Global Health Research

  • Case Reports (related to health or gender research)

  • Clinical Research 

  • Basic Science Research (related to health or gender) 




Top Abstracts will be selected for Oral Presentation for a Virtual Poster Session on Friday, October 9th, 2020 at the Women In Medicine Summit.  If selected for Oral presentation, one author will need to be available to present the abstract at this virtual session. The Top abstract will be chosen by a committee of judges and announced on Saturday, October 10th at the Summit.


Click the button below or use this link to submit:

Share your perspective on a variety of topics such as gender equity, adversity, resilience. Perspective pieces and inspirational spotlights will be considered for print only.


Accepted pieces will be published in the International Journal of Academic Medicine. 





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